Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mini Hair Haul

As you know I just recently got my hair cut & coloured. Since then I'd say the main focus of my hair has changed. I wasnt too worried about my colour fading (since it had faded so much I doubt it could've faded anymore lol) & my hair was brittle & damaged from going too long without a proper cut (6 months!). I went through my product box & realized that most of my products focused on repairing damaged hair since my hair has been through alot (I went from blonde, to black, to red, to brown, to pink.. ect). On my break at work I browsed the hair product section for some products that focused on protecting colour & just moisturizing & nourishing the hair since my hair is pretty healthy now. I'd like to keep it that way. I grabbed these three things & hopefully I'll have a review for you next month or so on how I like them & what they did or did not do for me.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition dryness reveal treatment. It has olive, avocado & shea oils in it along with apricot seeds. My hair is extremely thin, even though I have alot of it, so during the summer the heat from the sun & my styling tools dry my hair out. I really like Garnier's products for both my hair & skin. Even though its not an expensive salon brand, my hair has always responded really well to the fruit oils in their hair products & their skincare products are gentle yet effective on my sensitive skin. I will be using this as my regular conditioner (using my Vichy shampoo) & leaving it on for 3 minutes.
Garnier Fructis Colour Shield instant colour sealer. I needed a new hair serum since Im running low on the one Im currently using so I thought I'd try one that helps prevent hair colour from fading. As I said before, I love Garnier products & how they work for me. Even if it doesnt help protect my colour, it smells amazing & should still do what a regular serum does. This products is to be applied on damp hair & not rinsed out.
Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher leave in treatment. A few posts ago I mentioned that the Repair & Renew was my favourite but I dont need to repair my hair anymore so I thought I'd pick up another bottle for extra moisture & conditioning. I adore Infusium products so Im pretty positive I'll love this kind just as much as the repairing one. I'll be spraying this on damp hair before my the Garnier Colour Shield.

xoxo Victoria.

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