Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 5 Face Brushes

If I had to pick only 5 face brushes, these are the ones I would choose:

The MAC 150 is an all over powder brush. Its very soft & fluffy but gets the job done. Its great for buffing any type of powder (matte, loose, pressed, mineralized) into the skin over top of a foundation or on its own. I have had this brush shed the smallest amount. This brush is highly recommended!
Available at MAC counters, stores & online

The MAC 168 is a contour or blush brush. I use this for contouring my cheeks. It picks up a light amount of cream product & deposits it evenly into the hollows of my cheeks. It blends very well aswell, the only down side is that it can stain easily because it is white hair. This brush is highly recommended!
Available at MAC counters, stores & online

The MAC 188 is a duo fibre stippling brush. Its a multipurpose brush that can be used for liquid foundation, blush or highlighter. I personally use this brush for highlighting the top of my cheek bones. Its the smaller version of the MAC 187 brush which to me is rather large for the features on my face. 
Available at MAC counters, stores & online

The Visage Blush Brush is my favourite brush for the cheeks. It has a bit of a dome shape to it & it fits the apple of my cheek perfectly. Ive just recently started noticing some shedding but I think this brush is around 10years old. I took it from my mom & her brushes havent been updated in forever.
Available at Caryl Baker Visage & online

The Jordane B-54 Square Shader is what I usually use for my concealer. Its a square shaped brush that is flexible & blends cream products right into the skin. I got this brush from my school & have really taken to the way it applies cream & liquid concealer.
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I hope this was helpful!

xoxo Victoria.

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