Friday, June 17, 2011

LongJohns The Cat

This is my newest baby. His name is LongJohns (it looks like hes wearing leggings or a pair of long johns) & hes 9months old (I got him at 7months). Hes such a big boy & full of trouble. My boyfriends sister found him at a home building center & she brought him home. James gave him to me the day before I moved into my new apt :) Hes quite the little character & drives me bananas most of the time. When the flash goes off he smushes his head into his neck & smiles, almost looking like a pig. His most recent fave past time? Getting stoned on catnip then tearing apart my room & breaking things like the mug in the last picture. He is, however, my little baby & no matter what he does he always remains cute in my eyes.

xoxo Victoria.


  1. What a sweety. His name is too cool!

  2. thanks! he is a sweetie. a little too full of trouble but thats what makes pets fun! haha