Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Typical Day Of Food

This is mainly a picture blog of what a typical day of eating looks like for me. I know on youtube everyone wants to see pictures of the meals people talk about in their videos so I thought I might as well add some photos of the meals I had mentioned in my Weight Loss post.

This what breakfast looks like for me almost every day. A bowl of large flakes oatmeal, fruit (in this case its strawberries) & a mug of green tea.
Isnt this mug the cutest thing ever?! My mom got me two for my birthday :)

My lunch was a light caesar salad with parmesan cheese on top (no croutons!) and a mug of green tea. I find salads to be quite filling so I did not pair this with a fruit or add more veggies.

 This is usually the size of my dinner. I always have a portion of veggies, carbs & protein. I season my chicken myself with thyme, seasoning salt & oregano.  Then of course, my glass of skim milk!

I didnt bother with pictures of my snacks, I think an apple & yogurt are pretty self explanatory. I also end my night with mint tea right before bed to soothe & calm myself.

xoxo Victoria.

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