Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Rave: Orly "LUXE" Nail Polish

I know, I've done way too many nail polish reviews lately but I recently purchased a bunch so bare with me. This will be the last polish review for quite a few posts, I promise!

This review is a little bit different because this is a product I LOVE. This has to be my favourite polish I own. Im very new to the Orly brand, being a recovering nail biter I havent really been too into doing my nails for the past 19 years. Thankfully, I broke the habit last summer. This nail polish is called "LUXE", its a metallic cool gold. In the picture above you can see that it includes silver shimer as well. It doesnt disort the colour at all, just adds impeccable sheen. Im a huge fan of matte polishes or flat colour polishes so it was huge suprise to me how much I liked this one.

The application couldnt be better. The formula is smooth & glides on the nail. The brush is standard & very easy to maneuver. There was no gunking, streaks, or blobbing & its incredibly easy to clean up off the skin. The wear time is very long. I've had this colour on my toes for 3 weeks now & no chipping! My hands get beaten up much more though but it's lasted me two days now & hasnt even scratched. Mind you the metallic shine could be hiding that. It blocks imperfections from being noticable.

Overall score: 5 out of 5!

xoxo Victoria.

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