Friday, June 10, 2011

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation Review

NYC is a brand I was very familiar with during middle school & early high school. It seems to have a reputation of been a teen makeup brand. Once I discovered higher quality makeup I ditched NYC. It’s been a few years since I’ve used any products from them & it disappeared from alot of drugstores. I was recently browsing the makeup section at Walmart for sales on foundation. I needed a cheap liquid foundation for school purposes. I saw NYC & their sign for a new foundation costing only $5. I picked up a bottle.

I am the lightest shade in this collection, “ivory”. The first thing I noticed was that this colour blended into my jaw line perfectly when I tested it at the store. It became invisible within seconds. The first full application I did really impressed me. This foundation doesn’t have a funny smell like most cheap makeup brands do (it smells just like MAC foundations)

This foundation claims to be a light weight & blendable formula for buildable, flawless coverage. Its for all skin types, oil free, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic & contains vitamins A & E. I paid attention to each of these claims. Light weight? Yes, it felt extremely light weight on my skin & didn’t appear cakey or uneven. Blendable? Very, this product is so soft & creamy it just glides like butter (it dries quickly so no need to worry about it staying creamy & movable). Buildable? I’d say so, its a light to medium coverage foundation. I applied it for a light coverage since my skin has very few imperfections. Flawless coverage? You tell me. This foundation did not break me out & I have extremely sensitive skin.

I am EXTREMELY impressed with this product, I’ll probably use it as my regular foundation (when I use liquid) instead of as cheap stuff for school. HOWEVER, the packaging for this product is TERRIBLE. I could not get the product out of this bottle for the life of me. I store it upside down in the cup I store my pens & pencils. The top of the lid is rounded so it falls over if placed upside down without anything supporting it. I have to pound the bottle onto the back of my hand to get the product out. Its almost as if the product is super thick when in the bottle & as soon as it transfers to skin it liquefies. Whatever the case may be, the packaging is a total drawback to this product. Its also a glass bottle so there’s no way of cutting it open & storing it in a much better package.

Overall score: 4 out of 5

xoxo Victoria.

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