Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Besties!

This is a tag going around on youtube & I decided I'd just do a blog post about it :)

The tag: Summer favourites for........

1) Lip product
  • I love lip balms year round,  & my favourite would have to be California Mango Lip Balm. It says its 100% natural with sunscreen (it does not state the SPF which is a bummer) & my dads cousin gets these products for me, shes an esthetician- www. calmango.com
2) Blush
  • I absolutely love the Smashbox O-Glow blush. Its a gelly formula that starts off clear then turns a hot pink when applied to the skin. It rubs in so nicely & gives you the perfect flushed look. It doesnt melt off, no matter how hot the weather & its just a perfect, light weight, non powdery blush that suits all skin tones.
3) Nail Polish
  • My favourite polish for summer is one that I just recently picked up from Sally Beauty Supply, Orly "terracotta". Its a gorgeous bright coral & maybe I'm biased because coral is one of my favourite colours but it goes with everything! I prefer this colour on my toes. It stands out in every sandal you wear. My runner up polishes are OPI "the 'it' color" & another recent purchase, Sally Hansen "green with envy". (Favourite spring polish is also a recent one I picked up, Sally Hansen "mint sorbet").
4) Liquid face product
  • I dont wear any liquid face products during the summer. Having oily skin myself, I find that after an hour it just starts to slide off my face. Canada has some pretty intense humidity. The only liquid makeup I would ever consider wearing (which was not out last summer) would be MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. My shade is NW15.
5) Powder face product
  • My favourite powder face product of all time is MAC MSF Natural in "light" but last summer I discovered a better alternative for the hot hot weather. Cover FX's Matte FX Oil Absorbing & Blot Powder in "light". Its such a light application, you barely notice it & it keeps you shine free for hours.
6) Hair product
  • Infusium 23 Repair & Renew leave-in conditioning spray. I've used Infusium 23 since I was a baby & it never seems to fail me. Its a great spray for improving the health of your hair & it also helps to achieve those beachy waves everyone craves. (I have an older bottle).
7) Eye product
  • Mascara & white eyeliner. Yes, these are two products but they come as a package. In the summer I generally dont wear as much eye makeup as it tends to melt, crease or smudge. I do however, never leave my apartment without mascara & white eyeliner on my waterline. This creates a bigger, more wide-eyed awakened look & well, every girl needs mascara.
8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item)
  • The sun. I do not use self tanner or go to tanning beds or dust my face with bronzer. The only way I get any sort of tan is by the sun & I even try to prevent that. I am whiter than white & I love being that way. Studies have shown that even self tanners can be just as harmful as UV rays & tanning beds due to chemicals. Bronzer is the best way to go, but I prefer the natural look.
9) Fashion accessory
  • Sunglasses! I prefer larger sunglasses that cover part of my cheeks to help prevent any burning. I have a hard face shape to fit any type of glasses but I have found my love, they are from Forever21.com. I purchased them last summer for $6, I dont know if they have them still.
10) Clothing piece
  • Gladiator sandals. I cant tell you how long it took me to find a pair that fit & looked the way I wanted. I found my pair two summers ago at Urban Planet for around $15. They have a very Mary-Kate Olsen feel to them.


xoxo Victoria.

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