Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I Workout In

I like working out in as little clothing as possible. I hate sweating & feeling really hot because of fabric. I also like being able to watch which muscles are working when Im using the weight machines. I prefer tank tops over tshirts & shorts over pants. Alot of the time I wear leggings that go mid calf but I've just recently been able to fit into my old short shorts from highschool so I've been sporting those instead. My shoes arent any awesome kind, they were the cheapest ones that I found. I do need to pick up a better pair, preferrably addidas or something made for athletes since my shoes slip & slide easily. The traction sucks. I dont spend a ton of money on specific athletic wear like Lulu Lemon or anything. I would love to afford their clothes but its not a requirement to workout.

Coral Tank: Garage (has a lace back)
Aqua Tank: Garage
Shorts: Arabesque
Shoes: Champions

xoxo Victoria.

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