Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Update

I know I've been lacking on blog posts but I've been super busy lately. I had blog posts written up & saved, which is why my previous posts were much more frequent but I posted all of them & havent had time to write more. I never have any downtime to myself these days. My usual day consists of going to work 9-5 then hitting the gym from 6:30-8, making dinner, showering & then going straight to bed after a call from the boyfriend. On my days off Im usually in Toronto going to doctors appts, dentist/ortho appts or seeing old friends from there or running local errands all day. I work every friday night & then spend the wknds with James. Im such a busy bee. Anyway, the excuses stop here. Im hoping to get atleast 2 posts in this week (getting my ass out of bed in time to do a full face of makeup, lately I've just been doing my face routine & some mascara). This is supose to be a makeup/beauty blog so Im going to really start focusing on that along with some OOTD's here & there & of course weightloss updates or posts related to weightloss/health/fitness. Those seem to be fairly popular. This is my last week working such a full schedule, so soon I'll have a bit more time to focus on keeping this blog alive!

xoxo Victoria.

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