Thursday, July 7, 2011


Since my last post about 5 weeks ago I have been struggling with a plateau. I did some research on ways to get over it & start losing weight again & seeing more results. I went down to 142lbs about a week & a half later which was awesome but I then plateaued for about 2 weeks of just being 142. I kept to my routine determined to see results & I woke up this morning & stepped on the scale for the first time in about 2 weeks & the numbers I saw made me ecstatic!
I have lost weight many times before but 142 was about the lowest I had ever got (which is why it was so frustrating that I plateaued at 142 lol) & I just couldnt break out of the 140s. This time I did! :)

Just remember patience, determination & motivation where ever you can find it will be the key to your success if you're trying to lose weight. Support is also extremely important & Im very lucky to have a boyfriend who gives me that extra push I need at times & shows me how proud he is. He bought me a new pair of shoes (the sexiest wedges ever!) last weekend cuz I lost 10lbs. What a sweetie.

Total Weight Loss: 14lbs

Happy healthy eating & staying fit!

xoxo Victoria.