Monday, July 11, 2011

2 Years Ago..

I looked like this

I've changed ALOT within the past 2 years & I find it amazing how the same person can become someone so different over time. The time this photo was taken I have to say I was going through a phase that I am not proud of. I let certain types of people influence me & my closest "friends" at the time warped my reality into focusing on things that arent actually very important. Education, success, family, careers, morals & self respect are what is important & Im ashamed to say that I focused on none of that back then. I guess when you grow up & get rid of those toxic people from your life you finally realize what actually counts in life. Im very proud of who I am now & that I had the strength to move onto a new phase, a better phase & leave those awful girls & guys behind. If you asked anyone who knew me back when I was 18 they would never believe that I would be where I am now at 20. I love that I can prove people wrong while those old "friends" are still the same.

xoxo Victoria.

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