Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's a sneak peak of my new hair. No makeup, about to go to sleep :)
Judging by the peachy colour, the process isnt quite finished yet. A bit more bleach here & some ash blonde there, then everything will be complete! Ive been asked many times by makeup artists who have worked on me or that I've worked with if Im a natural blonde because I have the colouring of one (most redheads do.. yes I am naturally red). A girl at work keeps telling me to go strawberry blonde but I personally dont find strawberry blonde attractive on anyone so I've decided to go completely blonde! My next makeup post is to blame, along with quite a few celebrities who are naturally red that pull off blonde super well. Also Kelly Osbourne & Ashlee Simpson are my celeb inspirations & they're both almost platinum at the moment. I have been blonde before but my hair was super short & I didnt give the blonde enough time to really enjoy it because I had to do my roots within 3 weeks (my hair grows fast). I dyed it black within a month. Im really excited to be blonde again, even though its alot of upkeep, especially for a natural redhead, but I really needed something different since my life has changed so much recently. I wanted to reflect that in myself as well :)

xoxo Victoria.

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