Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Shoes :)

One thing about being a girl is that we LOVE shoes (well most of us!). I, however, happen to be a total shoe junkie. I own way more shoes than I know what do do with. My bookshelf is now a shoe shrine & all my flats & sandals are doubled & tripled on the bottom shelf along with my winter & rain boots sitting in the front hall closet. So today I noticed a buy one get the 2nd 50% off sale sign in R2W's window. Naturally, I went in & spent too much money! I got motorcycle inspired studded boots & sandals with chain & diamonds in them (obviously fake lol). I know the boots are out of season but I just couldnt afford them in the spring so I bought them now since I really wanted a pair back then. I never have really been one to follow the current trend so I'll be sporting these for years to come!
Both of these are from Zigi New York

These boots were in yesterdays OOTD with the sides flipped up

Here's my entire shoe collection... Ive definitely run out of room! Click the picture to enlarge it.

xoxo Victoria.

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