Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Skin Care Routine

So i always get compliments on how nice my skin is the past few years and really, i owe it all to accutane. But accutane doesnt keep the acne away, you must take good care of your skin once you're off of it otherwise pimples will slowly come back into your life. I do, of course, get breakouts here & there, usually around my period or if im extremely stressed out, but for the most part i have a very clear complexion. Last month there was a little mishap with a girl who used unclean brushes on our faces in class and few of us broke out like crazy due to the bacteria & old foundation left in the brush that she used. Unfortunately i was one of them :( For about the past 2 weeks or so i've been focusing on taking care of my skin and i thought i would share the products i use.
Quick fact: it took around 7 days for my skin to go from breakout city to the complexion shown in the photo below (no photoshop used). i have no problem keeping my skin clear but i thought that one week was a quick amount of time to diminish the acne caused by germs, bacteria & old makeup from those brushes & it prevented under the skin blemishes from getting anywhere near the suface.

click the photo to enlarge it :)

  1. first i use a damp wash cloth with very warm water to wet my entire face
  2. then i use my L'oreal "go 360 clean" cleanser for sensitive skin on the scrublet provided and i cleanse in a circular motion all over my face to remove my makeup
  3. then i gently go over my eye area with the scrublet to get all my eye makeup off (this product is amazing for removing makeup!)
  4. then i scrub my lips to remove lipstick
  5. i take my wash cloth again and rinse my face really well
  6. i wash my face a second time to actually cleanse the skin, because the first cleanse only removes surface makeup
  7. this time i use Clean & Clear "continuous control acne cleanser" containing 10% benzoyl peroxide (be careful! this ingredient bleaches fabrics)
  8. i put a pea size amount onto my fingers, wet it a little bit, then i gently rub it onto my face in circular motions with my finger tips (avoid the eye area and lips)
  9. then i let it sit for one minute, allowing my skin to be penetrated by the acne medication
  10. i take an exfoliating cloth and i exfoliate the facial cleanser into my skin for 15 seconds, also in circular motions
  11. then i wash it off with my regular wash cloth
  12. i pat my face dry with a clean towel
  13. using a cotton ball or cotton pad i apply Clean & Clear "deep cleaning astringent" for sensitive skin all over my face, avoiding the eye area and lips
  14. i let it dry for about 20 seconds
  15. next i use Clinique "dramatically different moisturizing lotion" all over my face including the eye area & lips
  16. then i use The Body Shop's "hemp hand protector" as an overnight eye cream (i have never had any issue using this around my eyes & i've been doing it for months now. i asked a sales lady if i should stop using it for the purpose of an eye cream & she said it should be fine because its a natural product)
  17. lastly apply some lip balm to sooth the lips

Two things that weren't mentioned were my weekly treatments
  1. at the end of every week i use a face mask to really deep clean my skin, i use Clean & Clear "blackhead eraser cleansing mask" - i leave it on for about 10 minutes then wash it off 100%
  2. another thing i use is from my dermatologist for on the spot treatments, its a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream that i put on any problem areas before i go to bed

**PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that i am a cosmetology student & that what i use & do may be too harsh or strong for your skin. i wear makeup EVERY DAY and some of it isnt the most high quality of brands. i have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to makeup products so i do extreme cleanses every night. this is just a little insight for you on what products i do use, this is by NO MEANS telling you that you must follow my routine.

xoxo Victoria

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