Thursday, December 16, 2010


My 20th birthday was on tuesday (dec. 14) & it was absolutely the best. I generally have a cursed birthday, something always goes wrong & of course things didnt go as planned but it was still amazing. I got lovely gifts from my best friends, family & my boyfriend. Definitely MAC giftcards lol, who wouldve guessed?! I held the sweetest chinchilla, chilled with some besties & then opened presents with my family & James (boyfriend). I got 2 dresses & the rest were things for my new apartment like mugs, pots & pans, oven mitts, cutlery, cutting boards, clothes drying rack, ect. It was a tad depressing but i needed all of it. James & i werent able to go out for dinner because, of course, it snowed like a mad man which it does 90% of my birthdays so far. So my birthday plans got pushed super late. We went out tonight, heres a photo of my makeup. My eyes are open cuz i totally forgot to take makeup photos lol.

I wore MAC mythology, mystery, blanc type, white frost on my eyes & my face is the same as my face of the day posts. Nothing is on my lips except lip balm, i have really bad wind burned lips :( My bunny's name is Brooks, hes not allowed to move with me so we took photos tonight so i can frame them in my apartment lol.

I just wanna say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on myspace & msn, & all my friends, family & my boyfriend who celebrated with me. Love you!

xoxo Victoria.

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