Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ive been asked by James not to put him on my blog but I feel like he deserves to mentioned lately. Hes been such a great boyfriend to me these past 10.5 months. We've been through ALOT together; good & bad, but he always seems to surprise me everyday with how loving he is towards me. We barely ever see eye to eye & we respond to things so differently but thats what I think makes us click. Everything Im not, he is & everything hes not, I am. Hes my other half, completely. I just wanted to give him a quick mention for how supportive he's been through some of the tough times Ive had to deal with this past year & I cant wait till he moves in with me in November so I can see him whenever I want :)

I love you babe.

xoxo Victoria.

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