Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday to ME :)

I got a tattoo in honour of my mom. She believed loved ones reincarnated into hummingbirds & butterflies. Her favourite was hummingbirds, she had figurines & all sorts of hummingbird decorations throughout the house after my Nana (her mom) passed away. When she was in the hospital she told me she wanted my tribute tattoo to be of a hummingbird, & of course I added the breast cancer ribbon since that's what took her away from me. This is located at the top of my left boob "over my heart". The star is from a previous tattoo I got 3years ago.

 This is what my boyfriend got me for my birthday & of course my kitty had to join in. These are really warm, thick, ribbed leggings from Jacob, I have a huge obsession with leggings. Then he got me "Dressed to Dazzle" lipglass from MAC & "Unconditionally Fabulous" nail laquer from MAC.

These are from my dad, I bought all of these & he wrapped them. My mom always shopped for me so he had no idea where to start lol. I didnt realize how many shirts I had purchased until I took this photo. The dark brown top, the mint green top, the black top & the tights are from Costa Blanca, the light brown top, the blue top & the floral top are from Forever21, the purple top is from RW & Co., the pj pants are from Jacob, the booties are from Aldo & the perfume is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture (amaaaaazing scent!)

 This is from my brother & his girlfriend. The chocolates are from Purdy's, the nail polish is from American Apparel, not sure where the beautiful scarf is from (everyone knows my love for zebra print!) & a $75 MAC giftcard (The Bay counters only)

This is the only thing I got from my mom, she had this put away for my 21st birthday since I was 5years old. This ring was my Great Great Grandmothers ring. It's over 100 years old & is actually my birthstone. The centre is the turquoise rock surrounded by little diamond chips. I was suppose to receive this from my mom herself, she always believed that 21 was a big birthday. Unfortunately I wasnt able to share it with her but she is always in my heart. I love you mom <3

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday & celebrated with me. It was a great day. I slept in till noon, watched a movie with my boyfriend, had a mint hot chocolate from Second Cup, got my tattoo done, went to dinner with my dad, my brother & his girlfriend, my boyfriend, my roommate & my moms bestfriend & her 2 kids (they got me a $65 MAC giftcard <3) who are like family to me. I love all of you so much, thanks for making this such a special day for me & surrounding me with your love & support. It was hard without my mom.

xoxo Victoria.

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