Thursday, August 18, 2011


It has been made official that I am getting a nose job within the next 8 months! Im really excited about this because ever since I hit puberty (around 11) I wanted my nose changed. When I was little I had the cutest nose ever & then for some reason my nose thought that puberty meant it should grow up as well & turned into the ugly thing I have on my face now. I have an extremely Scottish nose, I really dont think you can get more Scottish than my nose lol. For almost 10 years now I've been asking my parents for rhinoplasty (nose job) & my mom finally gave the go ahead. She bribed me back in highschool that if I finished post secondary she'd pay for half & now that Im graduating in April, she said I will definitely be getting it done by graduation at the latest. We're thinking about scheduling my surgery during xmas break since I get 4 weeks off, I'd have time to heal up & not miss any classes or have a broken nose for the start of summer. The reason I am making this post is because I will be posting about my journey on searching for the perfect doctor & the entire process of my plastic surgery & also my experience with the actual surgery & the anxiety/mental affects it includes. Because I am in the makeup industry, I feel as though appearance means more to me than the average person but even before I hit my teenage years this is something that I had decided I was going to do one day. Im extremely excited as of right now but Im sure I'll become much more scared & anxious as the process goes on & my surgery date draws nearer.

Im going to be honest about my photo's, I do photoshop the shape of my nose. I am extremely sensitive about it & it takes alot of courage to show what it actually looks like. Its not extremely noticeable when you meet me in person, but when I tell people I photoshop it, thats when they say they can see it but without being told, its not a drastic change from the front. I never do side profile's because of it. These are two photos of my nose unedited, hopefully you'll be able to understand why this surgery is so important to me. If you dont, then keep all opinions to yourself. My decision cannot be swayed.

 This is my side profile, I have a hump in the bridge of my nose.

This is what my nose looks like angled, this photo is about 2years old.

xoxo Victoria.

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