Thursday, January 6, 2011

my perfect imperfections

This is a tag all over the youtube beauty community & i've decided that i wanted to do a post on mine. The rules: pick 3 things you dislike about yourself & explain why, then pick 3 things you like about yourself & explain why.

3 things i dislike
  1. my nose- its a very awkward shape, i feel like its too big for my face & gives me a horrid side complexion
  2. my weight- im not fat or obese, but im probably around 10lbs overweight & it haunts me every day
  3. my angel bite piercing scars- they look like really awkward dimples above my top lip, sometimes they blend in as freckles in the summer but i notice them all the time

3 things i like
  1. my eyes- my eyes are fairly large & round & even though they're brown, they're a rich, reddish brown that everyone compliments me on
  2. my lips- they're very plump & soft, my bottom lip is horizontal which is pretty rare
  3. my tattoos- i love my tattoos, end of story.
xoxo Victoria.

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