Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burgundy Blues

Just a random look i came up with out of boredom.  Yes, i cut my hair & dyed it, enjoy! :)

  1. prime your lids with MAC "painterly" paint pot
  2. using a 219 brush, apply MAC "twinks" into the crease, do not blend
  3. next take MAC "tilt" with a 239 brush & pack this colour onto your lids, dont overlap with MAC "twinks"
  4. then take MAC "vainglorious" (limited edition) with a 217 brush & sweep this colour into the crease, going over MAC "twinks" & blending up towards the brow bone
  5. with the 219 brush again take MAC "twinks" & line the lower lash line
  6. go over MAC "twinks" with MAC "vainglorious" on the lower lash line with the same 219 brush
  7. with a 227 brush using a MATTE skintone colour, for me this is MAC "blanc type", blend out any harsh edges to create a smooth transition to the highlight (this will be your highlight for this look)
  8. with a 275, apply MAC "white frost" to the inner corner of your eyes
  9. fill in your brows (i used Annabelle "fuschia" lip liner & went over it with MAC "mystery" eyeshadow)
  10. using a black eyeliner pencil, line your tightline and waterline, i used Urban Decay "24/7 eyeliner pencil" in zero
  11. using any black eyeliner (gel, cream, liquid, pencil) line your upper lash line, i used ELF "studio cream liner" in black
  12. apply your favourite mascara, i used NYX "doll eye"
  1. first prime your skin using clean fingers with either a moisturizer or foundation primer, i used Clinique "dramaticlly different moisturizing lotion"
  2. next conceal under your eyes and any imperfections with a 194 brush or your fingers & dab onto the skin, i used MAC "pro longwear concealer" in NW15
  3. apply your foundation, i used MAC "mineralized skin finish natural" in light
  4. if using regular foundation, set with powder.
  5. next take your contour colour with a 168 brush and contour the hollows of your cheekbones and anywhere else you'd like, i used Coastal Scents "dark camo quad" in the darkest shade
  6. apply with a fluffy dome brush (i used the "blush" brush from Visage), MAC "bite of an apple" blush (limited edition) to the apples of your cheeks & blend up along your cheekbone
  7. finally dust a little of Too Faced "snow bunny bronzer" onto the top of your cheekbones up to your temple as a highlight with a 188 brush
  1. prime your lips with a lip primer or lip balm, i used California Mango lip balm
  2. line & fill in your lips with a nude lip liner, i used Jordane Cosmetics "spirit"
  3. next apply MAC "intricate" (limited edition) lipstick with a light layer of MAC "blankety" lipstick over top
xoxo Victoria.


  1. Your hair is awesome o_0 !!! First thing I noticed. And you have great eyebrows. haha :)

  2. thank you! im still getting used to full bangs lol & as for my brows... best comment i could ever recieve lol. i spend so much time on them :)